Why Bollywood Loves To Hate Kangana Ranaut?

December 11, 2018 11:16 AM

More and more people from the industry are jumping on to the ‘Hate Kangana Ranaut’ bandwagon so much so that not too many people want to work with her any more. Has her ego and motor-mouth caused Kangana’s career to plunge down to the point of no return? Is this the end of the road for this talented performer? Sumita Chakraborty finds out… “People hate me because I’m brilliant at my work?” Insists Kangana Ranaut in one of her interviews. …Perhaps true because more and more people from the industry are saying an emphatic “NO” to working with Kangana. Which is strange because nobody can deny that the actress is a powerhouse performer. But the reason, they say, lies in her ‘oversized’ ego that threatens to shatter her career completely. According to people in the know, “Kangana thrives on the badass image. And the reason behind her last few films taking a nosedive is more because of her ‘I know it all’ attitude.” Let’s spotlight the people in the ‘Kangana hate club’ and the reasons behind why she is being ostracised by the who’s who of Tinsel Town.

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